Fee Structure


Assessments & Consultations Price (€EUR)
Multidisciplinary Team Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 1,950.00
Multidisciplinary Team (SLT, OT, Psychology) Play Based Assessment 450.00
Psychology Standardised Assessment 600.00
Speech and Language Assessment 150.00 – 350.00
Occupational Therapy Assessment 150.00 – 450.00
Consultation with Manager or Senior Clinician 60.00


Intervention Duration Price (€EUR)
Speech and Language Therapy Session 1 Hour 95.00
1/2 Hour 50.00
Occupational Therapy Session 1 Hour 95.00
1/2 Hour 50.00
Intervention Specialist Session 1 Hour 95.00
1/2 Hour 50.00
Psychology Session Appointment First Session First Session 200.00
1 Hour 150.00
1/2 Hour 75.00
Joint Speech & Language / Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Intervention Specialist 150.00

An invoice will be issued to you following your appointment.

Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy services are covered by a number of health insurers. You should contact your insurance provider or check your policy document to clarify what your plan covers.

In addition, health expenses can be claimed through your tax return form. See details on Revenue website. Please retain all receipts in order to claim expenses.